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Story of
"Homeless Hero"

Early one cold February morning in 1991, a friend and I drove into Washington, D.C.

It was my first time there so we decided to check out the sights before checking into the hotel. We finally found the White House and stared in typical tourist awe. As I gazed across Pensylvania Avenue, I noticed several homeless people lying on the heating grates on the sidewalk and street. This tragic irony saddened and disturbed me. Right across the street from the mansion of the most powerful man on the planet was one of our nation's biggest embarrassments... the homeless. As we drove around the corner, one man held a sign that said, "DISABLED HOMELESS VET, ANYTHING WILL HELP, GOD BLESS." This struck a nerve with me. There could be a genuine war hero with no place to live, no one to help him and apperantly not a friend in the world. I decided then and there he and his brothers' story should be told. Thus "HOMELESS HERO" was born. The reaction continues to astound me. It seems to touch the heart of everyone who hears it, especially veterans. I am humbled by the sacrifices these heros gave and I thank them for everything. If not for them, America, as we know it, would not exist.

I dedicate "HOMELESS HERO" to them in the hope that one day we will treat them right and repay them in some way for the precious freedom we enjoy.

Bill Tracy Pappapetru


This site is dedicated to the plight of the homeless veteran.

All profits from the song "HOMELESS HERO" go to benefit the homeless veterns and to help raise awareness and conciousness of their hardships. We all could use a friend sometime.